Monday, September 5, 2011

Conclusion: working with Teenagers with Rich Milostan

Capricorn: As long as you can show them a gain, you can ask them to do about anything. They have a knack of being responsible, but may see playtime as something grim. You need to show them the importance of fun occasionally. They are good organizers and can be ambitious, but lack imagination. Try to help them develop this into the daily routine. If they get pessimistic about a situation, point out to them it is a learning situation.

Aquarius: They love to be original in their thinking, but they need to be discipline to it's conclusion. They can be highly nervous and should have proper outlets of which sports help. Some Aquarius can tum rebellious and go against all norm. This is where you will have to tone them down and show them benefits of a new direction. They have a need for pubic show, so promote them into positive constructive groups. Look at the disposition of their friends, they will reveal how your teenager is doing.

Pisces: If your teenager is a daydreamer you may have to sit down with him and show him some goals in black and white (paper). They need creative outlets along the musical or artistic lines. If they show personality swings, discipline them with a more logical approach. If they have a depression persist, have them talk it out. Make sure they watch their choice of friends, they need not to be taken for granted or advantage of. Consult then with kid gloves: they don't like strong discipline.

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