Thursday, September 15, 2011

Working a Second Marriage Part 1 of 4 with Rich Milostan

The high divorce rates today point to a seemingly obvious conclusion that partners don't really have a good structure to stay in a relationship year after year.

Going a step further, the children of today's divorced parents aren't having a system built.There aren't two parents from whom to take a role model. When an argument comes in a marriage, one or the other does not know what to think to handle the situation, so accumulated problems end marriages.

There is no fool-proof method to guarantee a marriage will last. In Astrology, your chart shows your particular needs which must be met to satisfy your life. Knowing your partners or potential partners chart will show if his or hers are compatible to yours. Those who have learned from their mistakes in the first marriage have a better chance in the second. If you have what you want, have goals to where you are going, then you can find a partner who can help quicken the fulfillment of some of your goals.

If you wish to make a successful second marriage or start a productive relationship with someone, it will involve somethings to avoid and some things to do. Look at your Sun Sign or your partner for a little better glimpse on what he/she may need to have a lasting relationship.

Aries: Being a fire sign, it's best to find someone more earthy or stable, but not a slow plodder. You may have married on impulse the first time, so be careful in your second choice. Patience is the key in any relationship, so watch your temper. If boredom sets in with your partnership, try to find things to do together that are adventurous to ride through through times. Aries is a "me" person but learn to compromise. Your drawn to beauty but make sure it is not a shell.

Taurus: Since you are a person who likes to get ahead materially, you should have a partner who can help satisfy that desire. Any partner that is wishy-washy about money will not last with you. You're more of a traditional person, so find someone with a similar background. If you were stubborn in the first marriage, you know that trait will not work in a second one. Seek someone who will give you emotional security in the home you will surely provide.

Gemini: You are drawn to looks but seek a relationship that offers more of a intellectual plane. You may be highly opinionated but use that on work, not on your mate. Don't find someone who has you make all the decisions. You border on the high strung side so find a more serene relationship; then set goals that modify your nervous energy. It''s important that you express your needs in black and white because one day you want to do something and the next day you don't. This could tax your partners nerves.

Next time we will look at more sun signs. Sometime it is highly recommended that you get theit chart done. You find out a lot about them when you first start going out with them

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