Sunday, September 4, 2011

Form for Getting a Taped Astrology Reading Mailed to You by Rich Milostan

I have had many requests for a taped Astrological reading mailed to them. The Perfect Birthday Gift, taped readings can be mailed to you or anyone you may know in the U.S.

Form for Taped Reading

Readings are $45

Birth Date____________

Time of Birth_____AM _____PM

City/State/Country of Birth____________________

(If several people want readings, please put their additional birth information on the sheet you mail me)

Please fill in your address below, with your remittance, where to mail taped reading to.




Phone Number if I need to contact You____________

Please mail this form or your own sheet of paper to:

Rich Milostan

1250 Glaser

Troy, Michigan 48085


Please call me if you have any questions. Also, you don't necessarily have to have a time of birth to get this done.

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