Sunday, December 2, 2012

Questions and Answers with an Astrologer with Rich Milostan

Questions and Answers with an Astrologer
By Rich Milostan

What do you think is the purpose of Astrology?
A: A quote from Roy Alexander gives us the best answer, “Each person is literally the center of his own universe.” That universe has distinct qualities and the Natal Chart is a coded summary of these qualities, Use of the birth chart to have a client become clear about responsible for those qualities actually realigns him with his own universe.

In your experience of working with Astrology, what do you feel to be the best qualities of each Sun Sign?
A: Aries has the ability to go into the unknown and initiate action to create something for people to use. Their leadership abilities.
   Taurus has the ability to use money practically. They can stick to a goal while others may quit hastily.
   Gemini has a gift of gab and can keep people informed of what is going on in the world.
   Cancer has the ability to help someone who may be going through some rough times.
   Leo has the ability to make people happy and should project that to others.
   Virgo has the talent to perfect a project given to them. They generally maintain health more then other signs/
   Libra has the skill to work with relationships and become the arbitrator for others who are in disagreement.
   Scorpio has the gift of research, excellent stamina, and knack for psychology.
   Sagittarius is the most optimistic of the signs and has good athletic ability.
   Capricorn without a doubt has excellent business talents, are practical, and can see through obstacles till they attain their goals.
   Aquarius has the gift of presenting futuristic ideas to the public, their openness to a people who are a little different, and they do not live in the past.
   Pisces have a compassionate nature, creative talents, and the ability to sustain under pressure.

What are the best Sun Signs to make the most money in 2013?
Gemini and Scorpio.

Which child is most like the father?
The second child born.

Which child is most likely to take care of the parents most through their life?
Definitely the fourth child born (if you have that many).

What Sun Sign stays in their original home the most and least likely to move from it?
Cancer Sun Signs. The most to most to move is Gemini.

Though for the week: For people to wait later in the day to take care of something they don’t want to. Make a sign that says, “JUST DO IT”.
Put it somewhere to see it in the morning. Think about it. Getting something disturbing done early (just do it) lets you enjoy doing other things the rest of the day. Why think about something irritating all day doing other chores!

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