Friday, December 21, 2012

Astrology - Did You Know Part 2 of 2 with Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

                                 “Did You Know” What Time You Where Born Part 2
                                      with Rich Milostan Astrologer 248-528-2610

Did you know---
   Your good periods each year are: 1) 46-63 days after your Birthday,
                                                         2) 106-123 days after your Birthday
                                                         3) 222-241 days after your Birthday
                                                         4) 281-302 days after your Birthday
The most adverse period is 30 days before your Birthday.

Did you know,  if you were born:
- between – 6am - 8am you could have a fondness for large animals, have to put up with jealous people, and may deal a lot with an aunt or an uncle.

- between – 8am – 10am you are likely to be a member with a club, do well financially be being on your boss’s good side, and have many friends.

- between – 10am - noon  you could have a name for yourself, have trouble with knees, or have a dominant parent.

- between – noon – 2pm you may be an avid church-goer, travel long distances, the most likely to have a degree, and have lawsuits.

- between – 2pm – 4pm  you may come into wealth, are very sexual, and very psychic.

- between – 4pm -  6pm you never get credit, your partner does, most likely to get traffic tickets, and you second child born could go very far.

- between – 8pm - 10pm you can make good money in real estate, have a gifted child, and love entertainment.

- between – 10pm – midnight you can live to a very old age, love a big home, and family is always main focus.

- between – Midnight – 2am your car will wear out very quickly from excessive short trips, can be a bookworm,  and may always be around relatives.

- between – 2am – 4am you excessively love sweets and money, can do well in stocks, and most likely to or have smoked.

- between – 4am –6am you can be a “ME” person, can be professional in any career, impress others tremendously whether positive or negative.

Thought: Those who have a lot of salt after 6pm are most likely to wake up stresses even after a good night sleep. Salt works on you all night. Solution: Flush it out by drinking more water before going to bed. Morning will feel better!
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