Sunday, December 16, 2012

Astrology - Did you Know Part 1

                                                           Astrology - Did You Know Part 1
                                                                      with Rich Milostan

Did you know person born  under a particular Sun Sign are found in certain professions more then others.

Aries – Military, Law enforcement and Promoters.
Taurus – Bankers, Farmers and Beauty Professions.
Gemini – Comedians, Reporters and Merchandising.
Cancer – Catering Housekeepers and Antique Dealers.
Leo – Publishers, Executives and Actors/Actresses.
Virgo- Doctors, Librarians, Computer fields.
Libra – Attorneys, Architects and Psychologists
Scorpio – Butchers, Detectives and Research Fields.
Sagittarius – Teachers Mechanics and Clergy.
Capricorn – Business Owner, Politics and Morticians.
Aquarius – Social Worker. Radio/TV, Electrician
Pisces – Photographer, Artist, Dancer

Did you know what the best type of location to live in for your Sun Sign ?

Aries – Large cities
Taurus – Country or quiet places
 Gemini – High places
Cancer – Near a body of water
Leo – By mountains, stream or rural
Virgo – Small cities
Libra – Places near social activities
Scorpio – Near water, of where you have a lot of space
Sagittarius – Airy and elevated spaces
Capricorn - Secluded places
Aquarius – Large cities by activity
Pisces – Seashore, cities near water

Thought for the week: The White Light Technique is the best possible way to work with negative people.

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Nest time: Did You Know Part 2

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