Sunday, December 9, 2012

Employees by Their Sun Sign by Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

                                                 Employees by Their Sun Sign
                                                      with Rich Milostan

Thought for the week: I f you are still grieving about a loss of a pet or person, read the book “How to Survive the Love of a Love” by Harold Bloomfield. It is excellent.

Take a look at the Sun Sign to see general traits they carry. From these an employer can see if they can help them toward their work goals.

Aries: You require a certain amount of independence on the job. You do not like traditional jobs. Closed spaces are not your forte and you like physical movement in your work environment. Eventually you would like to manage or teach workers.

Taurus: You’ll work where the money is or its potential and won’t work for cheap wages for very long. Your one of the best signs to offer work stability to a company and are an excellent finisher. You don’t like rapid big changes and therefore work responsibilities require general stability.

Gemini: You need an environment where you can talk and communicate ideas and you are not best on a job where secrecy is required. You would be good on the selling of ideas. You have too many “Futures” which could stop you from developing long-range commitments and a specialty.

Cancer: Generally, you want work to be like a second home and don’t like pressure bosses. You would be good as the social balance and counselor to employees around you. You won’t work long for someone who tends to step on peoples toes to run their business.

Leo: Most of you have leadership abilities and potential, so you may get along with the boss for long unless you are given some authority. You won’t work in a job that gives only 5% raises a year. Your strong personally may have you psychologically running the place even though you are not the boss.

Virgo: You’re excellent for completing work and must be kept productive or you get restless. You love analysis and require intellectual work. You express intelligently, but periodically you can criticize a fellow employee.

Libra: Your natural for a being a mediator to problems with fellow employees. You don’t like to be put into positions where you have to make rapid decisions. Generally, you like helping the underdog and this can stop you from attaining high success.

Scorpio: You like power and should be put into the potential position to attain it. You are one of the best signs where research is required to complete projects. A work environment with a lot of pressure is not for you because your temperament can show.

Sagittarius: You’re a natural teacher and will professionally do this or want to teach your co-workers. Your work should include areas where you can progressively learn new things. Communication is important with your associates or you’ll eventually move on.

Capricorn: Generally, the best all around sign to accomplish any task, but likes to work independently from others. You must have steps to future attainment or you’ll leave for a job that offers it. Have to avoid a tendency to be called an opportunist by others around you.

Aquarius: You like to do your own work and tend to do it differently than told. If this is within allowance, you are an inventive employee and can help company progress. Your disposition can be quite moody and require positive people around you to limit its frequency. You require money because compliments of your efforts can be minimal.

Pisces: You work best in creative endeavors more then black and white jobs. Generally employees will turn to you when things get tough for them. You have to overcome a tendency to procrastinate your responsibilities.

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