Friday, February 24, 2012

Some Astrology Thoughts Part 2 of 2 for Libra to Pisces with Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

Libra: Generally help others find their goals, then find their own. Their greatest challenge is to be INDEPENDENT. Physical exercise is a nice substitute for periodical laziness. They generally don't like noise and tend to hide their anger.

Scorpio: Generally don't like taking orders. They love to dominate others, and can make life miserable if not given their freedom. Scorpio men are the macho's of the zodiac. Constructive annual goals can give them an honor.

Sagittarius: Love to explore things because they need expanding variety in their lives. They won't stay home long if someone blocks their independence. They are givers when not told to. They need yearly goals that give them fresh air and recreation.

Capricorn: They are most likely to hire a cleaning lady, for they are mostly business orientated. They demand a lot of time from their relationships. Money can sometimes come in easier then developing a circle of friends. They are cautious in expressing their feelings.

Aquarius: Their greatest trait is to overcome being erratic. They're IQ is high for creative adventures, but doing a drawn-out project has them thinking elsewhere. They require eccentric communication from others. Attention span can be short, if they don't like hearing something.

Pisces: Their challenge is overcoming mood swings. Some Pisces "like to suffer". They are natural healers and quite sympathetic. They have a great desire for affection and are periodically misjudged, It's hard to predict their next move.

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