Saturday, February 18, 2012

Choosing a Friend or a Lover Part 2 of 2 with Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

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Concluding our look at the rest of the Sun Signs when choosing a friend or a lover:

Libra: Sagittarius is good as their personality shows frankness and optimism but they can be self-indulgent or practice defeatism. Aquarius is also good if perceptive to your needs and friendly and not self-centered and intolerant.
Scorpio: Two signs which could give harmony are Capricorn if they show reliability and integrity and not rigidity and self-centered and Virgo as they are practical and conservative and not suspicious and hypersensitive.
Sagittarius: A good sign is Aries who is assertive and ambitious and not bossy or headstrong. Also, a Libra who is refined and caring and not overly emotional and indifferent.
Capricorn: Pisces can be compatible as they project devotion and teamwork and not procrastinators or are too timid. Also a Taurus is nice if they project reliability and practicality and not stubbornness and lack of following through.
Aquarius: Matches with an Aries as they are sharing and generous and not overly individualistic. Gemini fits well if they have a good sense of humor and are communicative and not restless or argumentative.
Pisces: Capricorns are good is punctual and prudent and not selfish and insensitive. Also, Cancer is good if sympathetic and receptive and not overly anxious and touchy.

Next time we meet we will look at more Astrology Tidbits.

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