Monday, February 6, 2012

Planning a Vacation using Astrology by Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

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Astrology covers many areas when it comes to knowledge. We have the birth potential chart, financial, medical, relationship, and many others which can be used as a source of information to enhance your time on earth. The one we will look at today is the Vacation chart. The time that you leave the house sets up a chart that gives you a pretty good idea on how the trip will become. To do a chart like this has to be interpreted by an Astrologer. Each house has key meanings. However, an average person can take a look at each House and its meaning see if they have forgotten anything in the planning of their trip.

1st House: The first house is the purpose of the trip. (For the Astrologer, you can tell by the Cusps and the Planets. Do this for all the Houses). What is it that you want to do on this trip for personal fulfillment. Set some goals when planning a trip. Have some wide variety. If you original trip goes "haywire" you can still accomplish other goals on it to make it self-fulfilling.

2nd House: Defines the expense of the trip. How will you work with your money? You should allow for unexpected costs. This nor necessarily bad; you may run into a good deal on some product you can't find at home.

3rd House: Defines how you will communicate and who or what you will see. Is your car in good order? Look at the environment you will be in. Will it personally be fulfilling. Will you have many misunderstandings with others etc.

4th House: Defines the places you will be staying. Comfortable or uncomfortable. Do you need quietness, adequate heat, reasonable rates, hotel or motel accommodations, and easy access to food and shopping centers.

5th House: Defines the type of entertainment you may want. Do you want group activities, laid back entertainment, intellectual pursuits, sightseeing or just want to be alone? Also rules gambling and speculative adventures (win or lose potential).

6th House: Defines your plan of routine, time allowed for the unexpected. It also rules health; so you may want to plan a diet for maximum energy on the trip.

7th House: Defines how you relate to others. Associating with the right people will enhance your trip. Talk to people that know their city, like AAA services. Check out for people with the same interests you have. Also take people with you who are compatible.

8th House: Rules the spending potentials of your partner or associate. For those with money tightness, this is important to consider.

9th House. Rules what you learn from the trip. It's good to take a camera for memory reminders. Usually your philosophies will adjust in some matter for better or worse. As an example don't take a trip if it will accentuate it.

10th House: Generally the last 3 houses are results orientated. This defines the end of the trip. This is only found by doing the Astrology chart of the trip.

11th House. This shows the goals or purpose of the trip. By doing a chart of the trip this will show the "why" of the trip.

12th House: Shows the behind-the-scenes matters which may or may not occur on the trip. Also, shows stress levels or its potential when away from home.

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