Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Some Astrology Thoughts Part 1 of 2 for Aries to Virgo by Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

Aries: They do not like to be bossed or dominated. Their active mind can make them popular or an outcast. Aries women are the most beautiful of all the Sun Signs when they are older. A well-rounded variety will keep youth in you longer.

Taurus: Like to finish what they start. They love to build things are known to play the stock market the most. They have to be careful about getting lazy with excessive love of good food. They have to overcome there dislike of change.

Gemini: They need constant movement. They can only do detail for so long and then need change of scenery. They may know a lot, but not in depth. Change of employment could be frequent. They need to fed their bodies properly because of a nervous disposition.

Cancer: They love to be needed. They have to avoid tendencies to retreat. They love paries best at their own house. When they get moody, people should let them work it out themselves. When practices they have a strong sixth sense.

Leo They love to have things their own way. Delays may come in reaching career pinnacle because they instantly may want to start at the top when young. Many women have a naturally sculptured beauty. Leos should learn to overcome jealous tendencies.

Virgo: Something in their life has to be "perfect". It could be career, mate, friends, Self-image etc. They love to collect information, analyze it, then judge it. They don't generally run impulsively into a relationship. Many a Virgo is a bachelor.

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