Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christams Shopping for Different Sun Signs Part 2 of 3 with Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

Continuing our look at more sun signs and Christmas ideas of things to buy them for Christmas.

Leo: They love things that are colorful or regal looking. They like clothes that enhance their public image. For woman it includes hats, boots and scarfs: for men, London fog coats, shoes or gloves. Gift certificates to a play, concert or show are nice and will be appreciated. All shirts must be tailored of at least taped. Certificates to a salon for hair styling would be nice for them. Tickets to a future sporting event is also a nice gift.

Virgo: Checkbook or wallet calendars are popular with them. Book shelves or anything they can place something on likes books or collectibles are nice. Go to their home and find what you can add to it. Clocks and watches are also nice. A gift certificate to a health food store would be enjoyed. Tiny little jewelry, tapes, movies, and tape recorders are good bet to make them happy.

Libra: They love peaceful things around the home like T.V. pillows, scenic pictures, candles candle holders, cuddle up blankets. They like things that enhance their beauty (cosmetics, colognes, hair curling items, hair blowers, or jewelery). A certificate for a facial or manicure will go over well. Anything that makes them more comfortable (appliances that quicken the time).

Scorpio: Buy things for them that could start a hobby, books ( mysteries, novels), games like Chess or Scrabble, tickets to the movies or a favorite food basket. They'll enjoy a subscription to a magazine that will help them attain a goal. Camera or other film equipment are enjoyable gifts. Also tools are very practical.

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