Sunday, November 6, 2011

Astrology and Business Part 1 of 2 with Rich Milsotan Astrologer. Psychic

There are an increasing number of people who come to me to get a Business chart done using Astrology. They are looking for additional guidance in building and maintaining their new venture.

When starting a business, you may have the businessman sign the papers for their venture at the city clerks office at 9.00pm and find the business fail, but depending on the plantes he could sign the papers at 2pm and it would succeed. Everything is timing.

When the application is official it will set up a chart that will show how long the business will last. The time is very important when completing your application. The chart will show if the companies product or service will sell fast or slow. It would show you the times to expand, the times to structure and the times of temporary loss.

Looking briefly at the makeup of a business chart can be done by looking at the houses and planets. The planets should be placed properly in the chart.

1st House: Company morale and attitude toward work situations

2nd House: Ability to earn profits. (It's nice to have good planets here)

3rd House: Ability to communicate ideas to the public. Also, office communication which is vital to business.

4th House: Area of operation and locality. (Will it be a marketable area for its service?) You can;t sell much ice cream in the woods.

5th House: Executive personal attitudes.

6th House: Your employees attitudes and health conditions.

7th House: Shows how you relate to other businesses - good or bad.

8th House: Financial conditions of partners and competitors.

9th House: Your ability to advertise (will it work or not). All forms of public relations.

10thouse: The president or how you relate to authority people.

11th House: The public in terms of their support for your business.

12th House: Shows if people will undermine you. Potentials for strikes of labor difficulties.

Next time we meet I will show you the planets and where most of the energy may be in your business chart. It shows the strengths and weakness in any business chart.

Rich is available for private consultations and if considering a business could find a good time to give a completed business application to make your venture official and have success with it. You can reach me at 1-248-528-2610 of Google me

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