Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Astrology and Business Part 2 of 2 with Rich Milostan Astrollger, Psychic

Last time we looked at the Houses in a business chart now we will look at the planets that go into the chart to show your companies strengths and weaknesses.

The planets will show you where the energies will be in the chart. Too many planets in one house will take away from the balance of the chart. As an example, if you have a stellium of planets in the seventh house you may worry so much about competitors, you really won't use your creativity to expand your business on your own terms. It's like one hamburger chain trying to catch another. Putting the following plants in house positions gives you your business chart.

Sun: it's position is the most important It represents it's aims and goals

Moon: Attitude of the public toward your business. A square aspect could give public tension.

Mercury: How you communicate your services.

Venus: How your company acquires business.

Mars: Shows area where you project energy. An example would be Mars in the 6th house which shows you focus heavily on employee(s) procedures. This could be positive of detrimental.

Jupiter: Your money potentials and chances of growth.

Saturn: Area of business where you have to work the hardest to get off the ground.

Uranus: Shows where being innovative will give you the best results or where part of your business sometimes gives you uncontrollable changes.

Neptune: Where you need to be creative. Also, where you have deceptions from others

Pluto: Where you will have wide range situations.

For the person who already has a business and has the timed they signed the papers to become a business, you may want to see an Astrologer. They may give you insights into how to prosper your business. I have seen several cases where the business was not taking off, they just signed up for a different company name, projected the same method of service, and the chart showed it was going to make it and it does. The time off day made the difference. If you have a business and it really isn't taking off, there is an area of it which may need more work to make it a success.

The next time we meet will will talk about sun signs and there different need of what they want for Christmas!

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