Thursday, March 22, 2012

What's Their Sign with Rich Milostan Astrologer. Psychic

The individual who likes to guess the Sun Signs of people may find it difficult in guessing it, This is because people will generally have physical and personality features which relate to their Rising Sign (the A.M. or P.M. time of birth)

As an example, you may see 2 Geminis standing next to each other and one has a narrower face and one is moon-shaped. The thinner-faced person may have a Gemini structure, but the other person may project a Cancer rising (round face)

So, in trying to figure a persons sign, you may look at the person and say shes a Virgo. She may disagree, but this could be the Virgo rising which gives a strong Virgo personality anyway.

Another factor to consider is the moon in the Natal Chart. I find that this shows by their sign how emotionally people see the person. As an example, a Gemini rising will love to talk and have a narrower face, with the Sun in Aries may have arched ram eyebrows and with Moon in Aquarius and may seem emotionally as cold and aloof.

In trying to find sun signs, people may say your wrong, but you may very well have picked up one of their other signs in their whole Natal chart. Look to the signs to see different features of each. Each will project somatic differently.

Aries - Arched eyebrows
Intense expressive eyes
Emulates vibration of adventure

Taurus - Squarish face
Dimples in the cheeks
Talks practically

Gemini - Narrow nose and jaw
Quick speech and heavily opinionated
Active moving eyes.

Cancer - Round face
Sympathetic protective look
Shorter nose.

Leo - King or Queen-like forehead
Sculptured cheeks
Emulates strength and talks proud-like

Virgo - A wiry face and short in height
Tend toward smaller eyes and lips
Shows an analytical disposition

Libra - Broader hips with calm looking eyes
Talks with an easy flowing grace
Somewhat of a tolerant disposition

Scorpio - Piercing eyes that can see right through you
Big boned and square chest
Pronounced eyebrows and a good head of hair.

Sagittarius - Fast walkers and longer legs then the rest of the body
Firm looking mouths
Intense attitude: either 100% positive or negative.

Capricorn - Squarish, boney face with deep-st eyebrows
Emulates a business-like personality
Doesn't smile all that easily

Aquarius - Larger head with wide set eyes
Larger bodies
Shows a vibration of suddenness when conversing or walking.

Pisces - Have a plump look around the face.
Shows a dreamy look in their eyes
Have a sensitivity around them

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