Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ideas for Christmas for the Sun SIgns

                               Ideas for Christmas for the Sun Signs
                                           by Rich Milostan


I want to give a Christmas idea. If you want to buy something for a elderly person who has just what they need like Appliances etc. try this technique. When my parent was older, I would get a big box. Then I would go to a Dollar store or other places and purchase a tooth brush, Kleenex, straws, etc till I had 20-25 things. I would wrap each one individually and put them in that box with a ribbon on it. She could spend a half-hour opening up each item and she said that was her favorite present to open up every year till she passed on.

Here are a few tips if looking for something for a particular Sun Sign you may know when doing your Christmas shopping.

Aries: It may be hard to buy for them because they will buy it quick if they want something. Colognes, plane trip tickets for out of state, gifts for the car, sports equipment (tennis, golf, baseball, etc;....) and also sportswear. Give a hat to a Aries woman, also perfumes, jewelry and cosmetics. They also enjoy exercise bikes and other exercise accessories.

Taurus: Anything in gold color will catch their eyes. Things for the home are nice (lamp, kitchen wares). Taureans love wallets and purses. Anything in antique is fine, Pictures for the wall are fine; but fit one to there practical personality. A comforter or electric blanket is nice.

Gemini: They love to communicate so you will want to get them a portable TV or radio. They love to use their hands so a ring could be a nice gift. An answering machine is useful and they will never reject an extra phone for the home. Subscriptions to  a favorite magazine or books to a favorite topic they talk about are fine. Also travel items like a briefcase, loaded with travel supplies.

Cancer: Anything that decorates the home is for Cancers. Potted plants, decorations for a room in their home would be well appreciated. Also certificates to a favorite restaurant are hinted. Appliances for the kitchen are nice. Anything that makes the home more comfortable or warms the body (sweaters, gloves or hats) will make them think of you when they use them.

Leo: They love things that are colorful and sparkle. They like clothes that enhance their public image. For women, hats, boots and scarf’s; for men coats, shoes and gloves. Gift certificates to a play or shows are nice and will be appreciated. All shirts must be tailored or at least tapered. Certificates to a salon for hairstyling is not a bad idea. Tickets to a future sports event or a concert are also nice.

Virgo: Checkbook or wallet calculator is popular. Also new cell phone.
Bookshelves or anything they can place on them like books or collectibles are nice. Go to their home and find out what you can add to it. Clocks and watches are also good ideas. A gift certificate to the health food store would be enjoyed. Tiny detailed jewelry, DVD’s like Yoga make nice gifts.

Libra; They like peaceful looking things around the home. TV pillows, scenic pictures, candles and candle holders and cuddle up blankets. They like things that enhance their beauty (cosmetics, colognes, and hair curling items and jewelry). A certificate for a facial or manicure would be appreciated. Anything that makes them more comfortable (appliances that quicken the time)

Scorpio: Buy them things that start them on a hobby or add on to a hobby they have. Books (mysteries, novels) games (Trivial Pursuit, chess and Scrabble) Tickets to a movie or a favorite food basket. A gift card for gas. They would enjoy a book that would help them attain their goals. Cameras or a new cell phone are enjoyable gifts. Also tool sets are practical.

Sagittarius: Something to enhance the office or garage that quickens the process. Tennis shoes, slippers and boots are nice. Any apparel, which fits in there travel interest. Find something that will add in to their favorite hobby. Sweaters, shirts, belts and are good but should look sporty.

Capricorn: Briefcases, office supplies that further work interests, conservative clothes for work. Comfortable evening clothes for relaxing and footwear are also good ideas. Any additional convenience for the car or truck is well received.. Other ideas are clocks, watches and a wallet. A picture of them put in a frame would be nice.

Aquarius: Computers, computer software, home entertainment games, video supplies are great ideas. Also a pocket radio, digital clock or a watch is good. Any bright colored clothes would be welcomed addition to their wardrobe. Also a subscription to a book club or holistic magazine would make great gifts.

Pisces: that would apply to the Art such as a painting, musical instrument, tickets to a concert or art show or museum is nice. Art supplies, writing supplies, Meditation tapes for relaxing would be well received. Comfortable footwear is another idea. Jewelry and a ring is nice. Also a new home phone. Candy hits a sweet spot with them.

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