Wednesday, December 17, 2014

               Astrology, Gift Certificate for Christmas Present for a Reading

This is the time of the year where people like to go to readers to see what is coming up for the coming year. I will be putting up a 2015 Astrology Trends for the Year for all the Sun Signs in late December 2014. But, in being limited to several paragraphs it will be hard to say everything for people at age 20 who do things differently then those at 50 plus. So I offer several options below.

1) Several people asked me if I sell Gift Certificates for readings so they could give one to a family member or friend as a Christmas Gift. Yes!

If interested in a Christmas Gift Certificate mail $45 (check or money order). This offer only good through 12/31/2014. Send to
                                          Rich Milostan
                                          1250 Glaser
                                          Troy, Michigan 48085

Please send complete mailing address.
Make sure you include your phone number if I have to reach you.

I also can do a full taped reading for your 2015 if you request that. Price is the same $45.

Note: I can email you the Gift Certificate.

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