Sunday, June 23, 2013

Astrology, Some Things to Think About with Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

Astrology, Some Things to Think About
With Rich Milostan

- Gemini and Cancers have the best chances of making the best money through spring 2014.

- Do you know a Taurus? They love their money.

- Libra teenagers will have the hardest time dealing with high school teachers and Aries adults with college teachers. Aquarius teenagers have the best chance of being the teachers pet and Leo will have the best rapport with college level teachers.

- If you were born around 6am you get bored easily and want to frequently go on to something else.

- Put an Aries in the back seat of a car and drive somewhere. See what happens.

- From what I heard, Morris the cat was a Taurus and couldn’t even spend his money.

- Gemini is the most likely sign to get claustrophobia.

- Associate with a Cancer and you most likely will gain weight. They make the best chefs.

- Go to a party where the host is a Leo and you will see an elegant party.

- Ask a Virgo about a person they know and you will get an in depth analysis.

- Have any dirty work to do that requires a phone call? Get a Libra; their soft sell approach will let you win.

- Sign most likely to look away when questioning them about themselves is the Scorpio.

- In a 26-mile marathon, Sagittarius will be the most likely sign to participate.

- Over the dinner table, Cancers will talk more about their feelings then career accomplishments.

- Aquarians will usually wear the widest spectrum of colors in their wardrobe.

- Ever need a helping hand during a crisis, ask a Pisces.

- Did a lecture one time where there were 54 ladies and 2 men. Hmm.

- Over 2013-14 Aquarians will be home the least and Leos the most.

- If you go to an Astrologer who tells you, as an example, a compatible sign for you is a Gemini, you really can’t approach someone and say ‘Are you a Gemini”? But you can find a talker with a Gemini quality.

- Capricorns are seen as the most responsible sign to get ahead in life.

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