Sunday, November 18, 2012

Some New Astrology Thoughts with Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

Read the thought on credits cards toward the end of the column

Aries are the least likely to stay at home, probably have a picture of them hanging somewhere, and will have little food in the refrigerator.

Taurus are natural farmers, most likely to have wine in the home and are very possessive of there belongings.

Gemini run up the highest phone bills, , always feel they’re right and get bored with detail.

Cancers are the most likely to study history, the easiest to sell plants to, and will stay home the longest of all the Sun Signs, before going out on their own.

Leos are the most likely to be a morning person, love homes with big windows and love being the center of attention at a party.

Virgos are the best secretaries, dislike wild colors and find it hard to sit back and relax.

Libra dislike washing dishes the most of all the signs, drink the least amount of water and are not apartment dwellers because the require peace in the habitat.

Animals are born under signs too! A dog born under Gemini will frequently bark or make other noises. The best watchdogs are born under Aries. The most domesticated pets are born under Cancer.

Scorpios are happiest when they carry a secret, have fences around their home and have control of a relationship.

Sagittarius don’t like small backyards, generally like 2 homes or 2 places to travel back and forth to, and usually cook more then they can eat.

To all the Sun Signs, your best energy period each year is between 8 and 10 months after your Birthday.

Capricorns are the most likely to run their life by the clock, always feel a need to be achieving a goal and are traditional in their home furnishings.
Aquarius is the most likely to eat exotic food, wear the wildest colors in clothes and ignore their neighbors.

Pisces are the most likely to have family problems because they are too compassionate to others, are natural musicians and are most affected by damp weather.

Thought for the week: For every card you carry in your wallet or purse you should make a copy of it and keep it safe at home This way if you lose your wallet you immediately have everything that has to be replaced. Every week I will give you a new thought to better your life.

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  1. I am surprised after reading,how accurately you are describing about stars.I am Scorpio and I have applied the given information for Scorpio on me, it fits on me, how wonderful gets and abilities you have, Brilliant man.