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Health Habits in the Winter with Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

                                                    Health Habits in the Winter
                                                    with Rich Milostan Astrologer

November through March are considered to be the peak months for neglecting sound health habits. It is during this period, that the health plan should be followed to help you fell your best for the summer months. The following are a few habits you may need to modify. Concerning your sleeping habits, if you sleep too little, it could run you down and increase your chances for the flu. Also, lack of rest doesn’t allow your body sufficient time to rejuvenate its energy. Too much sleep, on the other hand, acts like insufficient energy; 7 hours is a good norm. Poor nutritional habits like a diet high in animal habits, leads to cholesterol levels that can turn high. So avoid these if possible. During the winter months, you may exercise less often, but it is important to exercise 2 or 3 times a week. Slacking in exercise can affect your digestive system and lead to weight gain; a well-balanced meal is a better substitute. Drinking in excess can deplete your energy level. And smoking definitely increases chances of ill health, as well as those around you.
   These most common evils will seem harder to break, but by working a goal to avoid them from November through March you will develop a trigger habit, so when the next year comes you’ll “automatically” desire to avoid these nuisances.
   Each sign has a tendency toward a negative health habit and by being aware of them you can start a different habit to obtain better health.

Aries – Avoid the nibbling habit of junk food being you’re an impulsive Sun Sign. Take along vegetables to munch on. Try to relax your body before you go to sleep by taking 10 minutes to go to a peaceful seen you remember and clear your mind of the days stresses, you will sleep much better.

 Taurus - Since Taureans have a tendency toward obesity try to watch foods high in fat. Excessive red meat should be avoided: try to eat more fish and fowl. Also, watch the gourmet foods, which you love to eat; your diet should contain more essential foods rather then sauces.

Gemini: You may involve in too many mental pursuits and not get enough exercise during the winter months. Remember, mind and body need equal time. One possibility to be a quiet walk in a park or neighborhood which will give you the exercise you need to clear your mind.

Cancer – Sweets may be your problem during the winter months; try to stick to natural treats like fruits or juices. Exercise is important so home exercise equipment is not a bad investment.

Leo – Your sign rules the heart, so daily make time for relaxation. This is important along with avoiding smoked filled environments when winter finds most windows shut.

Virgo – Sound sleep habits help to rest your tendency to overtax your fine intellect. Too many intellectual pursuits, while waiting for summer, can make you mentally tired and moody.

Libra – Drink a certain amount of water each day to keep your system and kidneys clean. Although, you need to avoid excessive liquids that have caffeine or high sugar content.

Scorpio – Repressing feelings and letting emotions build are common during the winter months for you. Have that person you can talk to and get your exercise in.

Sagittarius – A person who has to physically be on the move, it’s important to fuel your body along the way. Confinement of winter should make an exercise bike part of your home furnishings.

Capricorn: You have a tendency to become too serious with your goals during the winter and stresses should increase. Find time for run and get your rest in.

Aquarius – Your circulatory system has to be catered to, so between meals, snacking should be avoided during this inactive time of the year. Also, sweets should be avoided since Aquarians are greatly affected by the sugar surge followed by a temporary low cycle. Try oranges raisins etc.

Pisces – You are the least likely to exercise of all the Sun Signs. Its important for you to be involved in some type of activity to help you diminish your tendency to worry which is highest in the winter. Meditation is a fine substitute.

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