Saturday, October 13, 2012

What Makes You Happy with Rich Milostan Astrologer

People have different viewpoints of what happiness means. One person is the happiest when they have a mate. Another may be happy when their career is going well; while another is when their health is good. When a reader tells a Cancer that they are coming into a good year, the client has to realize it will go favorably, but not always viewed as happiness. By examining the Natal chart, the "good" areas could be pinpointed. There is a general trend that can be seen in each Sun Sign showing how to use your energies each year in order to feel a sense of accomplishment, self-worth and happiness.

Aries - Try to find goals each year that will challenge you. One should be by expending physical energy. Avoid long drawn out projects which will tax your patience. Being independent; you should find time to use your originality and inventiveness to create.

Taurus - Happiness can be felt when you are increasing your financial values. Also, you must be able to spend some of your money earned on articles to beautify your home or appearance. Goals that can give you periodical times of quietness and allow you time to rejuvenate your energies are important.

Gemini - When you have people around you who you can have conversations with helps to calm your nerves. You have a need to be around social contacts, so it's important that you have goals in these areas - even in a marriage. In you spare time you should have hobbies to occupy your time and keep you from getting bored.

Cancer - You will feel the best when you are nurturing others. It is therefore important that you keep close contact with yuor family members. A savings account that is put away helps you feel domestically secure no matter how much is in it. So, monetary needs should be kept in good order. You need to retreat to a quiet place to enjoy thinking of the good times of the past.

Leo - Having goals of being around entertainment is important to you. Being in "control" is important, so you should always be projecting leadership abilities. Domestic home life  should be serene for that ids your "lions den". Playing a sport so where you can always improve is good.

Virgo - Involving yourself in intellectual pursuits helps keep your "high thinking energy" in proper perspective. You should always have a goal where you are perfecting something. Being health orientated, a good health program should be faithfully followed.

Libra - Setting a goal with a relationship to achieve mutual gain will create a sense of happiness within you. You need to set goals that will create quietness and peacefulness. Most happiness comes to the Libra that rewards themselves for efforts in work.

Scorpio - Many Scorpios seem to be happier when they have a project that can be "secretly" explore or research. Also when their passions are being fulfilled they feel well being. Involving in creative projects and psychotically goals are also important.

Sagittarius - When shay can be taught or are teasing the "archer" satisfies a need to be philosophical expending. When they know they have dome freedom to travel and have some goals set is important to them. They need freedom every week to be outdoors for relaxation.

Capricorn - You always seem to be happiest when you are achieving a goal. For balance, it's important that you find an hour a day for yourself whether it be watching a fire, reading a book or looking out a window and reflecting. A career that is prerogative always help you.

Aquariums - Doing your own thing or something that can be your own way gives self satisfaction. Involving in new age thinking hobbies or educational pursuits is relaxing. Inviting in groups which agree with your unusual interests is important.

Pisces - Meditating is very common with the double fish as a means for feeling happy. Being with beauty whether working in the garden, involving in art or listening to peaceful music is helpful. Also, helping someone else gives a sense of happiness.

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