Monday, October 8, 2012

Reaching Your Essence by Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

According to Astrology the Nadir is considered the darkness point of the chart. To the non-astrologer, this could be a burnout period, depression with no reason for it, a series of events where you don't have "control", etc. Though everyone gets these cycles, the frequency or intensity of these depends on how the individual handles them. We strive not to stay in darkness, but to strive for light and energy and satisfy our individual needs. Though some people don't "wish" to strive and practice self defeating behaviors; sometimes a series of events"break" them into a positive path. You will be working positively the energies of your Sun Sign if you practice what your sign says. Events and situations will"come your way" and wrong paths will be minimal.

Aries - Try to motivate others
         - Be"first" in a field.
         - Have a continuous set of goals to enhance yourself.

Taurus - Show appreciation to other people.
           - Seek stability in work.
           - Take some time to reflect on things you've attained.

Gemini - Need an on-going constructive, intellectual pursuit.
            - Avoid taking on too many responsibility at work.
            - Express positive thoughts and avoid holding in negative ones.

Cancer - Find ways to nurture others.
            - Separate home from work.
            - Try to be non-opinionated and emotional about trivial matters.

Leo -Have time to entertain others.
       - Realize that recognition comes when EARNED, not before hand.
       - Promote the self-esteem oa a child.

Virgo - Have goals where you can master them.
          - avoid criticizing self, so it will give you positive intuitions to be successful.
          - Associate with "elevated" relationships to learn and grow from.

Libra - Support and balance an individual.
         - Not to always rely on others to make major decisions.
         - Create fairness when wrong is practiced in your daily environment.

Scorpio - Make better existing conditions around yourself.
             - You're a healer, but can destroy others emotionally and should avoid that tendency.
             - Show forgiveness when call for.

Sagittarius - Should educate others with your knowledge.
                - Project optimism to others.
                - Have 'expansive" goals.

Capricorn - Should always have some area of your life where you are an authority.
                - Must set realistic goals, so you can sustain your need to achieve.
                - Encourage others to accomplish.

Aquarius - Help make others aware of their future needs or concerns.
               - Have an interest where you can work on your own time.
               - Avoid a strong need to always be right.

Pisces - A willingness to offer help and assistance to someone less fortunate.
          - Avoid urges to escape normal responsibilities.
          - Cultivate your own world of beauty and peace.

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