Sunday, September 16, 2012

Woman and Their Common Sun Sign Traits by Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

Some personality traits common in woman by their Sun Sign.

Aries: She is most likely to do things by herself - open her own doors etc.
          Has to make the first advance in romance to be the happiest.
          They are gullible to flattery.

Taurus: If they dislike someone, they don't tell them; hey just non-nonchalantly walk away.
           They have the most common sense of all the sun signs.
           Don't take this sun sign for a cheap hamburger; they like the finest of foods.

Gemini: Their minds are always overactive and they like dating two or three man at a time.
             Commitments and reliability to promise are difficult for them to keep.
             There hobby is conversation.

Cancer: They can be nurturing and tender, but they can have mood swings and drown you with their
             They love to talk about money and ways to save it.
             The most likely sign to become emotional when there is a full moon.

Leo: The most likley sign to want a prestigious sounding last name.
        Once they've made up their mind, don't try to change it.
        Most likley to want a man who has attained success rather then helping him get there.

Virgo: Are one of the shyest signs in social situations.
          Because of their exacting perfection nature; don't be late for a date with this one.
          They don't like filthy clothes or a dirty house.

Libra: Will weigh decisions twice before making a decision.
          Common words they may use are "Lets be fair", 'It depends" and "relationships".
          Most likley to work before and after marriage.

Scorpio: Has to have ether control to dominate.
             Tends to hold in the most intimate thinking emotions.
             When they get mad, you better leave this one alone awhile.

Sagittarius: Most likley sign to live alone.
                 Loves to travel and finds little time for family relations matters.
                 Don;t tell them to do something. ask them.

Capricorn: Requires the most respect of all the signs.
                 Will find the 8 to 5 job boring if there are no chances of promotion on the horizon.
                 Least likley to relax in a steamy romantic situation.

Aquarius: You must respect her for her unusual interests.
                Has a basic fear of being imprisoned be a dominating man who takes her freedom away from
                being with people.
                Least likley sign to have extramarital affairs.

Pisces: Adapts easiest to conflicting situations
           Most likley to cry when hurt by someone.
           Not the best for disciplining children

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