Monday, July 23, 2012

Astrology - Where to Expand your Goals Now

According to Astrology the planet Jupiter is in Gemini now for 1 year. Look to your Sun Sign to see where you can make the most favorable change over the next 12 months!.

Aries: Classes taken give productive results. Good time for a new or used car to purchase. More days then usual being lucky shopping.

Taurus: Good time to invest, start a side business or ask for a promotion/raise.

Gemini:  Excellent for singles looking for love, career shift or residential move. Your sign has the most lucky breaks this year,

Cancer: Finishing up old projects will be better then starting new ones. You need to create space. One year from now is major new beginnings.

Leo: All goals started will show gains. You may meet a new friend who will play an instrumental part.

Virgo: Perfect time to make a major career change. People in authority unusually help to your interests.

Libra: Any legal situations should work out favorably. Travel could be best in years.

Scorpio: Good time for practical gambling, financial gain or winning a lottery (small amounts)

Sagittarius; A new relationship will introduce you into a new set of productive people and new monetary opportunities.

Capricorn: Expansion within the work you do and health improvement when effort is put forth.

Aquarius: You'll feel in love, could get satisfaction from a child and excellent cycle to planning a child, if it is a goal.

Pisces: Nice time to consider all forms of real estate transactions, Family gives unusual support to yuor goals.

Some different thoughts of things.

Aries - Must properly finish up their training before giving up and going on to something else.
Taurus - Are often tempted to over-indulge in their physical appetites.
Gemini - Need to pull their duel minds into one cohesive unit to attain success.
Cancer - Are easily swayed by the emotions of those closest to them.
Leo - Thrive when you show appreciation to them.
Virgo - Have to be careful not to get caught up into tiresome and boring details.
Libra - Will never stay long in a discordant situation.
Scorpio - Are most likely to contact highly places persons in international society.
Sagittarius - Live a life of boring physical work, but living in fantasy with high dreams.
Capricorn - Least likely sign to tire.
Aquarius -  Generally are put through the most "tests"  in life.
Pisces - The 'fish' must try to always go "upstream".

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