Sunday, May 6, 2012

Your Sun Sign's Work Style with Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

In your work environment, each Sun Sign employs different methods of handling work responsibilities. To the intuitive boss, understanding the work performance of the employee signs can develop a better rapport and harmony for your business. The employee's understanding of your fellow worker's habits can also have the same affect. Even in work procedures around the house, those characteristics take affect.

Aries - You can be impatient if work does not progress properly. You can become high strung, so you must find time for relaxation. Breaks should be taken to modify perfectionist traits.

Taurus - You have a gift for details, but you are stubborn toward opinions. Others will guide you to better your work. Your striving for fairness is your biggest irritation.

Gemini - You don't like confining desk work and need to know you can come and go when you want. You  can innovate ideas for work, if left alone to do it.

Cancer- You work best when you don't help others with their problems beyond your normal call of duty. Working in a lower energy consumption job is the best and with a homey decorated place.

Leo - You tend to overwork physically, demand respect, and need to be appreciated. You need leadership responsibilities and must always be "producing".

Virgo - You need to channel stresses at work; also, don't overextend yourself. You need quietness and love to do research. Attitudes are important at work.

Libra - You don't like hard physical work and you have to avoid being sacrificial to others and getting involved in their business. You'll be bored if some of your work is not creative.

Scorpio - You love tough challenges and tend to want to drive others too hard. Leadership is so strong, you don't take orders well and require recognition and rewards.

Sagittarius - You like to work routinely in a conservative approach. You need work which you can eventually teach to others and where you can listen to others' advice because it will enhance your work.

Capricorn -  You must avoid being a workaholic and you must keep priorities straight. Avoid always doing two jobs at once. Avoid work that continually would make you nervous.

Aquarius - You should become emotionally detached at work and be more logical in its purpose. You need work that involves the public. There mat be a tendency to be too traditional to work output and to hold onto employee grudges.

Pisces - Learn to be less serious about work. You are fixed on work methods. You feel, "I have to get it done", so learn to do work in increments. Don't get involved in other people's problems; instead use energy to be creative in your work.

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