Monday, May 21, 2012

How your Astrology Sun Sign affects interactions with others

When you go out in the world everyday and contact with people they have an Astrology chart just like you do. The more you react to people, you are reacting to their chart. So it is wise to be selective who you talk to, especially if they are going to be negative to you. Lets look at a few thoughts for each or the Sun Signs that I call You/Others.

Aries: Think before you act in trying new things.
You always want to be first.
Listen to others, they could make you a better leader.

Taurus: Watch what decisions you make, for you probably will not alter them.
You can sell a Taurus by showing them the comfort they will gain.
You're likely to hold grudges longer than the other Sun Signs.

Gemini: In conversation, avoid the tendency to contradict yourself.
You probably love to talk, so find a subject and make money with it.
The things you tell others to do is probably what you should do.

Cancer: Your most creative thinking is at night, make your calls then.
If someone from the past upsets you, let it go.
If you don't have a family, you most likely will create one.

Leo: You most likely will deal better with young people more than old.
Your fixed disposition of avoiding others could slow your life's processes.
You're most likely to be secretive to others about your family.

Virgo: You're most likely to take on the menial jobs at work.
You like to mentally accumulate, make sure you get it from positive people.
You may be an excessive worrier, so use up the mental energy by reading productive

Libra: You love to please others with your refinement.
You like to keep things in balance with others, and soft-toned clothes accentuate the
You tend to see your self worth on others approval. Create your own distinct image.

Scorpio: You shine under pressure: don't always put yourself into it.
You tend to conceal emotions and yet want power, fine line this so health is not taxed.
Of all the Sun Signs, you are the most likely to have discomfort when a group gives
you total attention.

Sagittarius: Inconsistency is your biggest obstacle to overcome with others.
In some areas of life, you love to teach others.
You're the most likely Sign to laugh at the wrong time.

Capricorn: Give yourself some credit for goals attained and your inner guide will work best for
Older people should be your best association.
You're the most likely Sign to create your own obstacles when working toward a goal.

Aquarius: You work best by taking a creative idea and pursuing it, only after an adequate plan
has been thought out.
Your most likely to do something a little different from what you are told to do.
You're one of the best signs to handle the unexpected.

Pisces: You are the most likely to protect yourself from the world. and avoid disharmonious
You tend to draw problematic people to you with your compassionate nature, be careful
of choices.
You're most likely to receive NO compliments because of a visible embarrassing look you make when given one.

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