Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Did you Know" with Astrologer Rich Milostan

Aries: Tend to rush more then other sun signs and are the most accident prone. Can be a charming relationship, if you don't tax their patience. Will want to devote most of their energy to their own needs.

Taurus: Generally do not like debate. Have a great need to feel safe. Will find them in financial fields or hobby.

Gemini: Have difficulty working set hours. Can get out of mischief by the ability to see both sides. Need to find balance between rest and physical exercise.

Cancer: Look for relationship that will emulate like parents. They must have somebody they can "look after". Love to collect things (memory oriented).

Leo: The most hurt sign if not appreciated. Have the most dignified look of all the signs. Will want to be the boss in a marriage.

Virgo: Most likely to work in the background. Shy at delegating because of perfectionist standards, so they don't trust others performance.

Libra: Tend to rush into love affair. Too much "fairness" of situations can cause a Libra to become negative. Sometimes "they sit on a fence" too long and stagnate.

Scorpio: A deep negative attitude to explore depths can give slanderous situations. Need to be in careers that they can help others. Mental relaxation important to good health.

Sagittarius: Theit greatest enemy is boredom. Can be extremely positive or negative. Freedom is important to them.

Capricorn: When they finally make up their minds, they won't change it. Excessive worry can give them stomach problems. Can have a dry sense of humor.

Aquarius: Will fight for causes and feels everyone should be free. Can be indifferent to the opinions of others. Are the most emotionally cool to their partners of all the sun signs.

Pisces: Has great need for privacy. Over contact with others will drain them. Have plenty of ideas, but must put them into concrete shape.

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