Saturday, June 17, 2017

Astrology, Did You Know by Rich Milostan

Astrology Did You Know
with Rich Milostan

An ARIES will likely explode if inhibited by daily routine or a sedentary life.

TAURUS can have incredible endurance especially if there is money to be made.

GEMINIS are very restless people. They should have exercise equipment in their home.

Next full moon is July 9th. It can be highly romantic or people can be demanding.

CANCER people can be evasive when directly confronted with something.

LEOS have the greatest power to encourage others to do things.

When the sun is in Gemini (May 21st to June 20th) you find the weather to be warm then rain then sunny. Gemini always gives unexpected Meteorological surprises.

VIRGOS need to communicate. At their best, they succeed with the practical, logical order.

LIBRAS, when discord arises quickly, in a situation, they become indecisive.

SCORPIOS, when in a positive mode have the best healing power of all the sun signs.

Those of you born between 8am and 2pm have the highest social IQ.

SAGITTARIOUS are considered to be the outdoorsman and need a lot of room to run their life.

CAPRICORNS are slow to develop but reach a “plateau” by mid life and stay at that level the rest of their life.

The earth signs TAURUS, CAPRICORN and VIRGO generally have thicker hair longer in their life.

AQUARIANS love to express themselves more through sizable groups then in one-on-one contacts.

PISCES, you can’t understand this sign through pressure or logic
 or they will retreat.

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