Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Questions You Asked May 2017 with Rich Milostan

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Q. Some of the web sites/radio are saying Geminis are going through the good times. 3 of us Geminis are going through the pits. What do you see. D.F. Troy, Mi
A. I would not the blame the Astrologer for the brief analysis. Radio personnel tell the Astrologer to be positive.  I think this is wrong in the sense that they should be allowed to tactfully tell the Gemini that they are in a lower cycle. Personally I have seen many Geminis in this low ebb for about a year.
Your pits could be career stalemate, relationship neglect, or a health issue. Looking at your Natal chart is the only way to see your particular problem.  The radio has no time to do a complete analysis, but the Astrologer should be careful because he is working with the consciousness of the listener. I normally see a solution to a particular problem someone has because I have been doing this for many years.

Q. I was born March 24, 1967 at 10.50 am and a friend was born April 2, 1962 at10.02 pm. We are both Aries, but seem totally opposite. J.M. Cleveland Ohio
A. People born 6 am to 6 pm will generally be more extroverted and deal with the public more. Being born 6 pm to 6 am make a person someone more introverted in dealing with public situations. Thus the different needs. You didn’t give me your place of birth, so I could not give you specific answers. Longitude and latitude are needed to do a complete Natal chart.

 Q, Could you tell me how it is best to work with the full moon? N.J. Lansing Mi.
A. This is a time when the gravitational pull will effect your body and will effect subsequent emotions. All other plants affect you also, but subtly. With a full moon, you may feel high or low, again it depends on your chart. In a high try to flow with the energies, but try to not overdrive. In a low try not to be opinionated. Relax or involve yourself in unemotional objectivity. Do hings that will not tax your mind.

Q. I like tp help people but I don’t feel I can learn Astrology and I don’t have money for college. What do you suggest? Los Angelos, Cal.
A. Several things: You can volunteer at a locals hospital several times a week. They eventually may hire you. 2. Apply for a student loan for school. 3. Tell yourself “I will have money for school this coming fall” and then set goals to find it. 4. Lean how to read Tarot cards but don’t get ripped on Internet by some of the high prices they charge to learn them.

Q. How many things can you see in an Astrology Chart. L.T. New York
A. Approxiamately2400 different topics. You can tell about your career, money, your third child etc.  People who don’t know their am or pm time of birth to obtain a Natal chart can use their husbands, brothers, or sisters’ chart to tell about you if they know their time of day born.

Q. When is the luckiest time of day to be born to make good money?
A.  8-10am or 8-10pm. R. D. Novi, MI

Q. Why are card readers or psychic so popular compared to Astrologers?
A.  Some people think you will see some bad things with an Astrology reading, but cards have a certain excitement to hear about your neighbor, etc…  This misconception is only diffused if you get an Astrology reading. The wealth of knowledge there is immense. I am not impressed with some psychics because they put their own “life attitudes” into the reading. Readings based on birth data, it is totally you they see what’s coming up.

Q. Who do you find to be the best Astrology teacher? H. B. Windsor. Canada
A. When they have considerable experience doing personal consultations. They are better in tune to people.

Q. What is ahead for Sagittarius, it has been tough for me lately. T.C. Sarasot, Fl
A. Sagittarius lessons now are to handle responsibilities more frequent then usual. As you do things give yourself rewards for efforts done. A year from now you will be much tougher then now and will love it!

Q. If I went to 2 different reputable Astrologers would I get a different reading? W. Bloomfield, Mi
A. If they are good, the same reading, but in different words.

Q. When is the best time to get an Astrological reading?
A. Around your Birthday or either a month before or after it. Also the month before the New Year is good to see your trends for the coming year.
When I do my readings for people I do their Astrological chart, Tarot cards and playing cards. If I see the same trend in all 3, it is going to happen. To set up an appointment call Rich at 248-528-2610. I also teach Astrology privately and the tarot. If you know some Astrology you can come into my advanced class held once every 2 weeks.


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