Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Looking for a Friend or a Lover with Rich Milostan

                                            Looking for a Friend or Lover
                                                with Rich Milostan

When looking for a friend to associate with or looking for a marital partner
or business associate , you'll find certain signs relate better then others. I could tell you that Gemini and Aquarius is a good match but lets look at it a little deeper. First, looking at the complete chart (birth date, time of day born and city of birth) will give you the best picture on how a person relates. Secondly, working on Sun Signs alone there are positive and negative Geminis and Aquarians. A positive Gemini would never relate to an Aquarian who chooses to live their life negatively.

What I will do here is go through the 12 signs and show you two of the most compatible Sun Signs for you; then, I will list positive traits of each. If your "compatible" sign expresses a negative personality, it’s best to pursue a positive compatible sign. Remember a negative person can pull you down.

Aries: Best are a Leo who is ambitious and generous and not vain or arrogant or a Sagittarius who is friendly and generous and not conceited and inconsistent.

Taurus: Good signs are Virgo who is methodical and practical and not critical and excessively nervous and Capricorn who is punctual and ambitious and not selfish and cold.

Gemini: Good catches are a Libra who is courteous and refined and not indecisive and dreamy or an Aquarian who is friendly and original and not rebellious and scattered.

Cancer: Several good signs are Scorpio, who is resourceful and determined and not sarcastic and domineering and a Pisces who is gentle and compassionate and not lazy and indecisive

Leo: Libra would be a congenial sign as they are versatile and refined not fickle or temperamental. Also a Gemini fits well if they are sociable and flexible and not fluctuating and inconsistent.

Virgo: Scorpio is a good sign if they are ambitious and self-sufficient and not secretive and jealous. Also, Cancer is nice especially if they are receptive and caring and not moody and a worrier.

Libra: Gemini if they are communicative and focused and don’t need to have everybody liking them or scattered. Also Aquarius if they have a knack working with people and creative and not arrogant or detaches once in awhile,

Scorpio: Cancer is good if domestically responsible and nurturing and not moody or withdrawing. Pisces if compassionate and sensitive and not if critical or play the poor me.

Sagittarius: Aries is good if they are energetic and pioneering and not impatient and excessively impulsive. Also Leo is good if inspirational and self confident and not egocentric and too pleasure orientated.

Capricorn: Taurus is good if realistic and grounded but not stubborn and unchangeable. Virgo is good if reliable and businesslike and not if unenterprising and critical.

Aquarius: Gemini is good if logical and witty but not if scattered and flighty. Libra is good if a decision-maker and refined and not if a procrastinator or unfeeling.

Pisces: Cancer is good if nurturing and bonding and not it withdrawing and negative. Scorpio is good if protective and providing and not excessively secretive and manipulating.

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