Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Astrology 12 Tips for You with Rich Milostan

                                                  Astrology, 12 Tips For You
                                                with Astrologer Rich Milostan

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Over the past 40 some years I have read just about every occupation, seen all walks of life. In these years, having conversations with some of them, they have given me some thoughts and philosophies that I would like to pass on to you.

Image building: The clothes you wear could dictate how successful you are to have a love life and also how you can do in the business world.

Money: If you have receiving issues, money may be harder to get. Say “I am enjoying this” to anytime someone treats you nice till it becomes a habit. Learning to let someone be nice to you does parallel into receiving money. Try it, It works.

Communications:  Having more direct eye contact when conversing with someone will help you more to get something you want.

Home: Don’t criticize a persons home, its their sanctuary no matter what

Having fun: Get the book “14, 000 Things to be Happy About” by Barbara Kipfer and do some of them.

Health: No more junk food daily after 6pm if you feel lousy getting up in the morning. You feel ok all night but could react to the junk the next morning.

Relationships: Treat someone how you want to be treated. Keep in the back of you mind that if they don’t give back to you in a certain amount of time, someone new will enter your life and will give back to you. It works!

Credits cards etc: Make a Xerox copy of all your credits cards, drivers license etc in your wallet. If you lose your wallet then you have everything on your copy in front of you to replace.

Higher Learning: Always have a non fiction book available to read a few pages a day

Career: Move on to a different department or change your career if there are too many politics going on where you are. Something better seems to always happen.

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Friends: If you ask someone for a favor 3 times and they say no, move away from them. They are a selfie

Relaxing: Relax your body 15 minutes a day by saying one calming word over and over. It could be the words relax, peace, calm etc.

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