Friday, August 22, 2014

Astrology, Your Sneak Peak at 2015-2016 with Rich Milostan

                                                 Your Sneak Peak at 2015-16
                                                         by Rich Milostan


There will be a shift for everyone from the last several years to new horizons to explore. The coming cycle will last about 2 and a half years and starts in late December 2014. Look at your Sun Sign below to see a brief glimpse. This will be expanded on in future articles.

Aries - A shift away from financial and romantic restrictions. More day to day travel and learning new money making skills.

Taurus – Developing depth with someone romantically and more discipline to pursue money.

Gemini – Finding the right romantic partner and many more people entering or life of which some of them will help you with your interests.

Cancer – Developing a good money making work specialty. Making yourself healthier with  new diet and exercise.

Leo – Having more fun then you have had in a long time and more romantic opportunities.

Virgo – Opportunities to have more domestic harmony and advancing work and career.

Libra – Less financial worries. Developing new work skills. Many new people enter your life.

Scorpio – Becoming more focused to make money and less problems weekly to start getting ahead on your goals again.

Sagittarius – Many less restrictions you may have been experiencing. Will develop new image of self. Better romance if you have no receiving issues.

Capricorn – More time to self to pursue new interests. Excellent time for some education whether in school or self learned to make future money

Aquarius – Very rewarding cycle in career if orientated toward it. Much more social popularity with people.

Pisces – More control to do your goals rather then depending on others too much to get some things you want to achieve.

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