Monday, April 7, 2014

Astrology, Goals to Seek Now with Rich Milostan, Astrologer

Goals to Seek Now
with Astrologer Rich Milostan

According to Astrology the planet Jupiter is in Cancer now (April 2014). Look to your Sun Sign to see where you can make the most favorable change over the next 4 months!.

Aries: Good time to move, remodel, get lucky deals for home furnishings
Taurus: Purchase new car, solve issues with people and enjoy short trips.
Gemini: Make more money, start a part time business and some of you a lottery winning
Cancer: Build a new image, start a successful diet/exercise program.
Leo: Get old projects successfully completed, Take a quick class to make money and rekindle an old relationship.
Virgo: Meet a new friend, join a new group with an interest you have, seek a pay raise.
Libra: Seek a promotion or try a new career direction.
Scorpio: Take a long trip, take a class (teacher could be exceptional). Purchase new phone.
Sagittarius: Some could win a lot try, better romance with cuddle potentials.
Capricorn: Meet a significant other. Develop partnership in business, find more popularity in groups to enhance your goals.
Aquarius: New job, develop better health goals
Pisces: Better romance if you seek it. More fun weekly if you seek it. Better harmony with kids.

Some different thoughts about your Sun Sign.

Aries - Must properly finish up their training before giving up and going on to something else.
Taurus - Are often tempted to over-indulge in their physical appetites.
Gemini - Need to pull their duel minds into one cohesive unit to attain success.
Cancer - Are easily swayed by the emotions of those closest to them.
Leo – You thrive when someone shows appreciation to you.
Virgo - Have to be careful not to get caught up into tiresome and boring details.
Libra - Will never stay long in a discordant situation.
Scorpio - Are most likely to contact highly places persons in international society.
Sagittarius – Could live a life of boring physical work, but living in fantasy with high dreams.

Capricorn - Least likely sign to tire.
Aquarius - Generally are put through the most "tests"  in life.
Pisces - The 'fish' must try to always go "upstream".

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