Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Gift Certificate for 2014 Astrology Reading with Rich Milostan

  Working Your Next 12 months (2014) Coupon for you.

Also send a reading as a gift for Christmas to someone.

Or you can just send $45 and a Gift Certificate can be mailed to you to send to them.

Mail Consultations
Psychic Astrology Readings recorded on tape and mailed to you

Purchase an Astrology taped reading for $45
Print this form out, fill form and mail out.
Send check or money order payable to Rich Milostan
Please send with the following information:

Month______ Day_______ Year___________
Time of birth___________ 
Country _________________

Return address
Your Name _____________________
Address ________________________
City ________________ State__________ Zip____________

Phone number (for questions)__________________________

Send to
1250 GLASER, TROY, MI 48085
INFO: (248) 528-2610
Email: rfmilostan@yahoo.com
 Visit my Website RichMilostanAstrologer.com

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