Friday, August 23, 2013

White Light Rope Technique with Astrologer Rich Milostan

White Light Rope Technique
By Astrologer Rich Milostan

Many people have asked me to put on blog on the White Light Technique. I have passed this on to many clients with very good results when they need to do this. I received this idea from a psychic I know who is 96 now and is probably the most intelligent woman I have ever met: and I have met many people from all walks of life.

This is the technique: Remember the movies where you would see someone wrapped up in a mummy rope. Use that visual to wrap up a person.
   That rope is the "White Light Rope of Christ (or Your Particular Higher Power) only Good Goes Through It".

Just image it around someone and it is done.

Let me give you some examples. This gentleman came over and was worried about getting his green card from the immigration officer in 5 days. I said wrap that person up when you go there (His Higher Power is Allah). He receives his green card in 2 weeks.

Another person felt she wasn’t getting better with the doctor she had over the last 2 years after an auto accident. I said call up a new doctor imaging the White Light Rope around the secretary when you call. They could not take her. She called another doctor and the secretary said to come in. Then I told her to White Light Rope the doctor.  She went in and felt much better after 3 months. That doctor was helping her as a channel from above with The White Rope Technique.

I have see some lawsuits won by wrapping up everyone in the courthouse.

If purchasing a car or home etc, when call wrap up the person you contact!.

Many people just put it around themselves. You must do this to whoever you feel uncomfortable that you have to talk to also. Example would be calling someone on the phone and trying to negotiate a bill you have. 

I have given this Technique to office managers who have a testy employee to surround them with it giving stellar results.

If you put this Rope around someone you have to meet after a lovers quarrel, Your Higher Power will channel through that person to whatever is to be the best for you.

Finally, have you ever had a night where to tossed and turned and you picture someone who is irritating you in life. This adds to the sleeplessness. Image them completely wrapped up in the White Light Rope including their face. It may have to be done several times during the night if their face appears again but you will see the difference. The anger subsides.

Try this technique and see it work for you.

                                                   Good Luck,
                                                   Rich Milostan 

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