Friday, July 12, 2013

Astrology Born on the 18 - 22 of the Month with Rich Milostan Astrologer Psychic

Astrology, Those Born Between 18th and 22nd
With Rich Milostan Astrologer

If you are born on the cusp 18 to the 22 of the month you have some unique quality that separate you from others. Look for yours below to see what they are.

Aries - Taurus (April 18-22) Use your Aries drive to stick with determination to solve a problem or sustain to a goal of making money (Taurus). You’re a great achiever.

Taurus - Gemini (May 18-22) Use your gift of gab to make money (Taurus). Also consider painting or drawing.

Gemini – Cancer (June18-22) Struggle between wanting to socialize and secluding in the home can be solved by finding projects that you can work fast and then have space to rest. Stay away from high sustaining pressure situations.

Cancer – Leo (July 18-22) Need for security (Cancer) conflicting with the need for center-of-attention (Leo) can be resolves through having a solid home, family and children base.

Leo –Virgo (August 18-22) Use your leadership inheritance (Leo) to give a service of specialty (Virgo) to others.

Virgo – Libra (September 18-22) Use your high intellect (Virgo) and creativeness of Libra to work toward things that bring harmony. Avoid worry by fluctuating back and forth trying to make a decision.

Libra – Scorpio (October 18-22) A need for a relationship (Libra) and a desire for some privacy causes conflicts with relationships. Have someone who helps toward your goals, keep career a high priority to give you a sense of space (Scopio).

Scorpio – Sagittarius (November 18-22) Use your determination (Scorpio) to accomplish your goals and with your need to learn (Sagittarius) you’ll attain all of them.

Sagittarius – Capricorn (December 18-22) Try to make more money (Capricorn) too eventually have a freer life (Sagittarius) to travel and socialize.

Capricorn – Aquarius (January 18-22) Sometimes it is difficult to attain goals because you want freedom to move (Aquarius) which conflicts with (Capricorn) a need for long standing security. Try to work in areas where you innovation can be recognized. Be in a career where you can improve situations and be paid for it.

Aquarius – Pisces (February 18-22) The most unusual personality; avoid isolating yourself (Pisces) or being the rebel with people (Aquarius) to attain goals. Pisces needs to give a service to the world and combine improving life’s conditions (Aquarius) in life’s purpose.

Pisces – Aries (March 18-22) Your creativity ((Pisces) combined with determination can make you a genius in a field. Avoid depression (Pisces) to make being a first (Aries)

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