Monday, May 20, 2013

Astrology. Some Real Good Advice by Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

Astrology, Some Good Advice for You!
With Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

Being in this field for 38 years, I want to pass on some thoughts to you that may be used to make your life better. These ideas have been given to me through readers I know and have known and the many clients I have read for 4 decades.

Your Image – Go to bed every night saying “I will be happy tomorrow” over and over till you fall asleep, especially the last 10minutes till you fall asleep. This helps set up a better feeling when you get up.

Your Money – Periodically write down ways you can cut corners with your money. You will then be actually giving yourself a pay raise.

Your Communications – Use the White Light Rope technique on some of the people you may to deal with. It works! Also if you react to a negative person, your emotions flare, avoid them when possible.

Your Home – Don’t let any family members give you guilt trips. Don’t be excessively responsible to one of them. You’re just slowing their way to be responsible for themselves.

Your Play Needs from 6pm to 11pm – Make a list of 5 fun things to do weekly. Also, When you finish an obligation give yourself a reward for doing it. As an example think about a special meal you may give yourself before you do something you don’t want to do. Then enjoy the dinner as a reward for doing it.

Your Health – Eat good food every day after 6pm. You will likely wake up the next day with your body feeling better. If you eat junk food after 6pm, drink some water to flush it out before going asleep.

Love and Partnership- If you want a love relationship go after it.

Good Purse/Wallet Advice – Make a copy of all your credits cards, drivers license, etc and put it somewhere in your home that is a safe spot for you. If you lose your purse/wallet then you have everything on paper in front of you to replace them.

Higher Learning – Good book to give yourself or someone who is grieving the loss of a person or pet is called ”How to Survive the Loss of a Love” by Harold Bloomfield. This book I have referred to many people.

Your Career – If things are stressed at work excessively for a considerable amount of time or you can’t use your creativity, start a part time business and build it. Then you can leave the other one. If you have to get business papers for it, apply between 11am to 2pm. It gives the business a better chance of success!

Your Friends – Be around only positive ones. Check out to find new ones with the same interest as you. This is not a singles finding love site.

Something to Avoid – Stop thinking of past negatives, it is a waste of energy.

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