Saturday, January 5, 2013

Astrology, Astrology, Astrology with Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

                                              Astrology, Astrology, Astrology
                                                  with Rich Milostan

People are into Astrology from January to June. Least interested in May, June and July.

People are more into physical activities in June through August, The intellectual facilities during September to November and spiritual dimension in November through December.

Of all the Sun Signs, ARIES requires the most physical exercise to be in optimum performance for all areas of their life.

I am seeing an increasing number of people winning the lottery in this particular fashion. When they go on vacation somewhere they are in a high cycle, so they have someone play their numbers during that week and many are winning something.

To motivate a TAURUS the most, they should start work by giving themselves a reward first for the efforts that will follow.

PISCEANS and AQUARIANS are the most interested in Astrology with CAPRICORN and LEO the least.

GEMINIS will generally be the most upbeat sign if they keep a continuous hobby of inspirational reading.

CANCERS are the most likely to gain the most weight of all the Sun Signs.

Astrologically, all people have a 3 month high energy cycle and a low 3 month period; its calculated by know you’re rising sign (from your AM/PM time of birth). Take a minute to see your energy cycles and work them properly. Consult an Astrologer To find it if you don’t know.

LEO rules the spine and they must keep good posture to keep the internal parts of their body working to its maximum.

VIRGO is the most likely to be day people and SCORPIO to be night owls.
Those who have the most fear of heights are the sugar eaters and TAURUS, LIBRA And PISCES are the sweettooths.

To keep an office working its best monetarily and psychologically with your employees you need a LIBRA. The are known as the mediators and balancers.

Tell a secret to a SCORPIO and they may never tell another soul.

SAGITTARIANS will generally overindulge in one area of their life and don’t like planned exercise programs.

Many CAPRICORNS have challenges (some health) early in life. They have to watch their knees, for they may eventually have a problem with them.

AQUARIANS become extremely defensive when someone tells them they are inconsistent in one area of their life.

GEMINIS are the most likely to laugh and PISCES are the least.

Thought for the week: Sleeping on your side knee to knee will in time cause them to ache. Put a pillow between them when going to sleep.

Rich is available for an Astrological and Psychic Consultation in Troy, MI. by calling 248-528-2610. This also includes the Tarot. Also available for phone readings and can mail a taped reading to anyone you may know in the U.S.

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