Monday, August 20, 2012

"Exercise" with Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

Generally, there are 2 types of people when it comes to exercising. There is the group that exercises in the winter lets themselves go all summer. These people complain about how hard it is to get in shape again when fall returns.
  The other group gains weight all winter and spends the summer getting sore muscles from being out in their garden. They let themselves go all summer.
  I guess we should say there is a third group which doesn't exercise [period.
  Exercise is important to as everyone should know. It helps relieve stress and gives a general all-around sense of well being. The winter exercise group should not forget to exercise in the summer. The winter weight gainer group should, at least, regiment a summer program and then carry it out into the winter. The anti-exercise group should try exercising for a month and let the results show their importance.
  Each sun sign has certain psychotically needs to be met when exercising. An Aries may get a little bored swimming 4 nights a week, but put him where more action is, and he'll look forward to it. Generally a Pisces may not want to lift weights, but would enjoy aerobic or yoga.
  Look below for you Psychological needs to desire exercising and some things you may try to shape up or stay in shape.  Try to exercise 3 times a week.

Aries - You need to be where there is action. Tennis, racquetball, pickelball are good if you play with someone in your age range. Jogging is good when doing it with someone, but after awhile you may get bored with it.

Taurus- You will exercise with someone if they don't hurry you. Fast walking, yoga, dancing, or a garden program that lasts all summer are excellent. Also hiking would be good if you give yourself a reward once you reach your destination. Reward systems give you extra motivation.

Gemini - Your mind can run a mile a minute, but the legs mat desire to sit, so try jogging with a partner to fulfill you psychological need to socialize. Group sports would be good like soccer, volleyball and baseball where people jibber-jabber to one another.

Cancer- Swimming would be good program for you, being you are a water sign. You have to be ain a mood to exercise; so calling a friend once a week to help you push yourself would be helpful. Water aerobics, walking and gardening would be helpful in done frequently.

Leo -You love the riskier sports  and are drawn to excitement, so sports would fulfill a need. Since you have a need to "shine", join some group sports. Group aerobics would be excellent if the program was one that progresses you to shape up.

Virgo - You are drawn to sensible programs  which can have a method of achievement. Am increasing walking program, bicycling or hiking would all be beneficial. An ideal discipline for your mind and body would be yoga. Information about this can be found on the Web.

Libra - You are not a person of extremes, so a moderate program would suit you beat. Swimming , bowling or bicycling are good. You need exercise which includes free-flowng movement.Also music should be included in your exercise routine.

Scorpio - You are highly competitive and must have that fulfillment. Tennis, handball, squash and pickelball are excellent. Any sport that fulfills a one-on-one, "try yo beat you" wish is good. Jogging would be good for you if you like solitude.

Sagittarius - You like fun exercising and like to your legs. Purchase a tandem bike and find someone to tour the city. Group sports are find if not to terribly competitive. Alos have a treadmill and other forms of machinery to exercise if yuo home as an option.

Capricorn - Fresh air is important to you and a program that offers perseverance and discipline.Walking, stationary biking, or outdoor biking are good for the legs. Purchase a video and follow through the program several times a week.

Aquarius - Exercise clubs of all kinds would be good for you. You need to associate with people and love excitement so join a baseball team etc. Set something up in the neighborhood like a volleyball net for the summer months and rent a gym for the winter

Pisces.- Dancing swimming and rhythmic exercise are excellent for the Pisces. Since you are drawn to beauty, yoga or aerobic exercises are good with a far-out sweatsuit. Ballet could bean option.

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