Thursday, June 28, 2012

Astrology, Did You Know with Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

Aries: Most likely sign to have accidents, bumps and bruises.
         They need a partner who is on the quiet side.
         You can be muscular, but your nerves can be sensitive.

Taurus: Make good administrators in the family
            Are the least likely to divorce.
           Likely to cancel a social function if there is a buck to be made somewhere else.

Gemini: Range of thoughts is wide, but lacks concentration.
            Requires careers where you use your intelligence.
            Lungs are sensitive and smoking is detrimental to them,

Cancer: Will find it difficult to hold a grudge.
             A lot of business is done in the home.
             Have to avoid prolonged lazy periods.

Leo: Can have great leadership abilities, but can be stubborn to the views of others.
        Most likely to be the most emotional about dreams then the rest of the sun signs.
        Require freedom in marriage.

Virgo: Are slow to forgive when mad.
          The most dedicated to their work,
          Think more then you feel.

Libra: Like to make decisions for all concerned.
          Your fairness sometimes harms you more then gives personal good.
          Shouldn't let others opinions at work affect you.

Scorpio: You think the deepest of all the sun signs, but seldom express them.
              Generally you like to work with yuor mind rather then physical exertion at work.
              Most likely you want to live in your own world and this taxes relationships to you.

Sagittarius: Are the least likely to tell "white lies".
                 Will feel best if active in sports.
                  Have watch a tendency to over extend your nerves.

Capricorn: Strong in purpose, your potential mate should know it.
                 Traction is important to yuor philosophies.
                 Will be happiest when you teach yuor knowledge.

Aquarius: Will dislike anything that does not show progress.
                Your always coming up with ideas, but you should ground them into practical use.
                Never gets credit for what you enhance, so reward yourself more.

Pisces: Modernization is the key in working your life's goals.
           Your twin personality makes it difficult for others to understand you.
           Physical activity helps you overcome feelings of weakness.

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